Monday, 15 March 2010

Shahrukh Khan was detained!

Ok... Any of you reading this blog having any preconcieved notion about my loyalties for or against Mr.Shahrukh Khan, I would like to make it clear about my indifference towards him. Infact I am indifferent towards any of the many bollywood "stars" out there. Most of it which has inspired me to put across my thoughts here, have been the reactions after the incident rather than the incident itself. That might actually be the case with most blog writers who have written anything concerning Mr.Khans detention.. or so I believe..

Looking at the incident, let us actually try to make some sense out of it. I might be sitting on the fence here but then I am just trying different perspectives on the incident, not being judgemental.

The Incident:

A superstar from India was on a routine trip to US for some shows over there. The immigration stops him for what is supposed to be a routine questioning. The culprit is his name which bears "Khan" or so we are made to believe. As per some sources on the web, the actor is then asked to disclose things that he posesses in his jacket and pant pockets. The actor grudgingly bangs them on the table. Incidentally this gesture of his wasnt taken too nicely by the officers over there and that got the ball rolling . Little did anyone over there realise this was well going to emerge as a diplomatic concern between two governments!! But this is India and superstars are worshipped here, even by our governments atleast thats what I believe now.

Now the important question!! Do the consequences of interrogating a superstar(whom we dont know is a superstar) from an other country outweigh the security concerns of our own country.

I think not..

But the truth might be far from what we are believing here to be. To actually try and find out the identity of a person who claims to be a superstar shouldnt be difficult at all. And when it is someone of the stature of Shahrukh khan, it is even more easier. All they had to do was type Shahrukh and google it. Want a photo id? No problem!! See Google images.. You will get as many as you possibly can see. According to the version from Mr.Khan, ironically at the end of all of it, he wasnt even asked for a retina scan which is supposed to be a mandatory procedure over there( Whats more ironic is, Shahrukh khan had just been named one of the top 50 most powerful celebrities of the world by an american magazine- Newsweek. Just last year. So it is hard to believe that so much time was taken to confirm the identity.

Now this leaves us two choices. Either this can be attributed to the age old american jingoism amply displayed by the officers over there or an underlying agenda(dare I say!!) for either parties we might never know. What do you say Mr.Khan .. Over to you!!

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